AC/DC Black Ice Tour : Tacoma Dome

Memories of AC/DC are firmly rooted in my early adolescence.  Back in Black became the soundtrack to junior high when a friend received the tape as a gift at one of those rare boy-girl basement / parents stayed upstairs birthday parties.  The play button clicked as I sat on the outside edge of a spin the bottle game.  When You Shook Me All Night Long came on we had already moved onto 7 Minutes in Heaven.  I decided it was my favorite song since it was track number 7, 7 was my favorite number and Dawn and Rich were wrapping up their 7th minute in the closet.

Last night was my first (and maybe my last if the rumors are true) time seeing them live.  The last of the three songs us photogs are permitted to shoot was Back in Black.  My mouth sang along as my eye was glued to the camera eyepiece.  I have to remember to wipe those smudge marks from my LCD!

The Seattle Weekly has the full slideshow of images, including some of dedicated fans who boldly let me turn the lens on them.

Tonight it’s Metalicca at Key Arena!

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