Jodi’s Bridal Shower

I went to NY the weekend before last for my little sister’s bridal shower. I brought the bridesmaid dresses Ruthie custom made for the wedding. She attached a cute little note to each with instructions for care and alterations if necessary.

My mom brought her wedding portraits from August 5th, 1972. Parents' bridal party

Checking out the younger version of my parents:

Mom and Dad

Mom caught up with an old friend, Connie, who she met decades ago when they discovered from a mutual friend they were dating the same guy. Instead of duking it out, they conspired. They bought the same dress, did their hair the same way, and went to the bowling alley where they knew he’d be, acting like the best of friends.
Connie and Mom

I caught up with my cousins. Every Thanksgiving we’d take the same photo with grandma. I’m on her right (her left. your right). This was taken in 1988. My aunt had it made into a painting:

Back to the shower. I figure other people have the domestic gifts covered. You can always count on me for something spicy. Along with my tradition of giving something silky, I threw in’s Position of the Day Playbook. The ladies loved it:

well, most:

Jodi seemed to:

I’m curious what airport security thought of it. I opened my suitcase to find the book unwrapped and put back together with a large “inspected by” sticker. I wish I had a photo for that!

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