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Ever since we saw images from a friend’s wedding that Jenny had shot we were fans of her work. I especially love that the couples that she photographs really look like themselves. I think she does a magnificent job of capturing people’s faces and expressions. When we met with Jenny, her philosophies about shooting completely aligned with our desires, as we really hoped for images that would capture the energy and mood of the day and document our friends and family as we see them. I think she did a fantastic job! After our wedding, our family and guests kept raving over and over again about how “those photographers were so fun!”, even saying that they felt immediately like Jenny and her team were people they wish they could “hang out with.”. Yep, that’s how we felt as well! – Brooke & Keene via Junebug Weddings

Jenny was amazing. We loved her from the start. Jenny was extremely helpful in helping us create a timeline for the wedding day. On the day-of, she was comfortable and easy-going in a way that was very helpful given how nervous and high-energy we were. She was great at making everyone very comfortable for the portraits. And Jenny worked it on the dance floor — she would actually jump into groups to dance and then shoot, which made people keep dancing rather than get nervous and withdraw (as they might if they just noticed her shooting). Within our budget, her services were one of our biggest expenses, but she was worth every penny. – Ella & Owen via Wedding Wire

Jenny was our favorite wedding vendor. She photographed us for our engagement session and we were totally blown away with her creative photographs, great personality and most importantly, she made us comfortable with having cameras around. (no cheesy poses, just a photojournalistic approach that captured our personalities) She and her partner documented our wedding day, from getting ready, to the late night snack at the end of the day. The photo booth they set up after dinner was a big hit with all of the guests. These photos were up on the website just a few days after the wedding.Joann & Kris via Wedding Wire

Jenny is truly a rock star. She went above and beyond in her coverage of our wedding day – coming earlier than I expected to the girls’ prep room and staying all the way until the end of the reception to get some amazing night shots as the groom and I left. Jenny is fun, hardworking and extremely talented. – Miranda & Matthew via Wedding Wire

Jenny takes absolutely amazing photos! And she is so easy to work with. She shot both our engagement session and wedding photos, and I’ve never felt so at ease with a camera pointed at me. She gets perfect candid shots. My father, not given to hyperbole, described the results as “some of the most perfect beautiful wonderful fun photos I’ve seen!” I can’t thank her enough for the incredible moments she captured for us. – Jennifer & Matt, via Yelp

If you can book her before she becomes a nationally (or internationally) famous photographer, do it. Her hilarious, warm, and funky personality lead to hilarious, warm, and funky photos that really capture your event (our wedding, in this case). Warning though: if you are bland and boring: want to pose awkwardly holding your hand just so, now, oh just scooch over a bit and place your hand here. No higher. Okay, now smile.
Then just hire whatever bland push-the-button photographer. Jenny is  THE gal if you are at all interesting. – Jennifer & Tim via Yelp

Her website and blog helped us get a sense of her personality and work. The fact that she highlights her photojournalistic style was key. Also, she Skyped with us and was so excited to be involved in a same-sex wedding. She had already photographed a few, and we loved that she was a staunch supporter of marriage rights. In fact, she donated our entire tip to Marriage Equality!  Jenny’s so laid back, open and creative, but also very professional. We had a great time doing our engagement photos. She listened to what we wanted, but also went with her own style and got some fantastic shots — they look like us, embody our interaction style, and are also fun and fresh, but not forced. She not only captured our wedding perfectly, she actually engaged with our guests and enhanced their experience; however, she also blended into the background when needed. Plus, the photobooth was SO fun. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.  – Jennifer & Christine via Junebug

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