Who’s the Boss : Bruce Springsteen at Key Arena

I didn’t know what to make out of the album cover my cousin Linda brought home on one hot summer night in 1984. Too young to label the man on the front with something red hanging out of right pocket as a submissive/bottom (but not too young to label his as bottom as a fine one), I was confused by the flag. Was this a patriotic statement about loving America? Did he also love President Reagan? I thought we weren’t supposed to love Reagan? Am I not supposed to like this guy too? The title track started the album, confusing me even more. A dog that’s been beat? He killed a yellow man? I didn’t get it. I grabbed the liner notes and read the lyrics slowly. AAAAAAAAhhh. Got it (with Linda’s help). Love it. Now can we hear that I’m On Fire song again? and again? and again and again? I was 9 years old.

Suffice it to say I was excited when Hannah Levine of the Seattle Weekly asked me to shoot the Boss at Key Arena last Saturday. I’d be relegated to stand next to the sound board in the middle of the arena, far from the stage, for only the first three songs but I was content nevertheless. Waiting to be escorted in at the side stage media entrance I was treated to a smile and nod from Eddie Vedder. Nils Lofgren warmed up riding around on a vintage orange bicycle honk-honking his horn. Here’s a taste of what I saw during the show:

You can read Hannah’s review of the show here.

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