Cave Singers Album Cover


Invitations Songs is released today!

Feedback about the cover photo. The Stranger’s Jonathan Zwickel:

“The cover of the Cave Singers’ brand-new debut, Invitation Songs, is a haunting visual translation of their music: The three band members in a group embrace half-submerged in a grassy, minty-green meadow, backed by a pine-green sentinel of dark, silent forest. It’s beautiful, ominous, like the band is taking comfort in each other before the arrival of an impending tragedy or sharing a final sentiment before permanently parting. The music within swells with similar mystery, sweetly pastoral but battered, bluesy, and raw. Performed onstage for months, these songs make the transition to record with added resonance. Simply put, Invitation Songs is stunning, a surprising debut and one of the best albums of the year.”

I am still in shock at what Daytrotter wrote. Crazy!

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