Club Directory : Havana

This week it’s Havana on Capitol Hill. It can get a little crazy on the dance floor but the staff always have my back and my friend Quentin, the owner, is usually game for a shot of Hornitos. They have a small room upstairs with balcony that can be reserved for parties and I think you can still have Neapolitan pizza delivered from Via Tribunali across the street (they don’t deliver otherwise).

Most women will agree their favorite part of Havana is the hot pink ladies’ room, with its three sided cove of floor to ceiling mirrors providing an endless reflection of makeup application and ANTM poses.

Quentin just opened another bar called the Saint, complete with restaurant, in the old Wingdome space on East Olive & Bellevue now painted a beautiful shade of teal blue. The drink menu is magically delicious. I’m still dreaming about my Patron Silver, mint & cucumber martini.

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