Fresno Revisited

This post is long overdue, and it’s always my family that ends up waiting the longest for photos.  I flew down to Fresno for a weekend this summer to visit my parents and Megan, my best friend from high school who just had her second bambina.  I lived in Fresno for 4 years, from 89-93, and stole away back to NY every chance I got.  2 days after high school graduation I left for good but my parents weren’t so lucky.  They stayed to see my sister through school and work until retirement.  With both out of the way they are finally prepping the house to sell and move back east.  I approach each visit knowing it may be the last for awhile.  Don’t worry, Meg, I will travel anywhere for you.

Milk mug assortment.  Note the Cezanne still life from high school ceramics:

Proof my parents are married.

Their getaway vehicle.

On the way to Meg’s

Teaching Mollee how to bathe her lil’ sis.

snuggle time!

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