Guemes Island Resort Wedding : Molly & Laurie

This post is loooong overdue.  What you might not know about me is that I get writer’s anxiety.  That thing about a photo being worth a thousand words really works in my favor.  So when Offbeat Bride beat me to the love punch, the anxious procrastination began. The longer I put it off the more horrible I feel, so I feel pretty crappy right now.

Molly and Laurie were so much fun to get to know over the year.  They were the first couple I booked through Offbeat Bride and my first same sex wedding (Washington laws be damned!!). They put their own spin on nearly everything; their attire, their first dance, their location, their rings, their ceremony and even their porta-potty (Wizards of Ooze became Wizards of Love!).

Laurie’s aunt unknowingly brought the wedding colors to wear.

They did!

Molly’s morning message.

Just about to see each other for the first time.

embrace the flare!

waiting to enter the ceremonial semi-circle

the two of them make some adorable faces.

They passed their rings around the group so that each guest could give them their own special blessing.

Their friend and officiant Roxanne proclaimed, “By the power unlawfully seized by me in defiance of the State of Washington’s laws prohibiting marriage equality, it is my great pleasure to declare you married!”.  My body was rocked. Such a wave of emotion at that moment, I was incredibly honored to be a part of it.

Guests picked up camp and moved to the reception tent.

I loved the back of Molly’s Wai Ching dress

toast time!

For the first dance they started off traditional.

then broke out into a funny little choreographed number.

everyone joined in after that

On my way out I paid my respects to the Wizards of Love.

Ladies – THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your heartfelt and hilariously fun day.

For more of Molly & Laurie’s wedding story and what you can do to help fight for marriage equality, have a look at their nearlyweds blog.

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