Havin an art show at Tigertail

I’ve been so busy with wedding work the past few years that it’s be a long time since I’ve had a show. My good friend Hannah Levine is a regular at Tigertail, a bar Phinney Ridge with a chop suey theme and delicious food, and offered to curate. There was no way I could do a solo show during prime wedding season so she had the great idea to include Sarah Murphy and Laura Musselman, who are just starting out and have been shooting some stuff for her Rocket Queen column in the Seattle Weekly. Many of you have met Sarah already as she assists for the majority of my shoots. The photogs out there are probably familiar with Laura – she’s the spitfire behind the counter at Glazers Camera with a tattoo of Richie Tenenbaum on her arm. They’re both funny, sweet and passionate about photography. Our theme is “You Say Good-bye, I Say Hello” and features three images from each of a homecoming or farewell show in a particular Pacific Northwest band’s career. For me it’s Sleater-Kinney’s final show at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. You can read more on the Seattle Weekly Reverb blog. The important thing is to be there for the party.

Thursday, August 7th
Tigertail, 704 NW 65th St.(click for map)

I hope to see some familiar faces!

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