Hi-Fi Weddings Feature

Victoria & Drew’s wedding got a nod from Ashley over at Hi-Fi Weddings, a blog that speaks to the audiophile in us wedding planning folk.  Looking over their playlist, many of the songs brought me back to parts of the wedding day that I had forgotten, like blissing out on Beach House on the ride to the ceremony, humming along to M Ward’s Rollercoaster when I first entered the Victorian Valley Chapel and watching the crowd stir when they entered the reception to Guns N Roses Sweet Child O Mine (a great way to kickstart a party).  If you’re toying with the idea of an iPod reception or are just looking for a list of songs to give your DJ that doesn’t include the Chicken Dance, Macarena or the Hokey Pokey, check out  Hi-Fi’s list of of suggested tunes.

The one & only Josh Greenberg on the decks.

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