I can catch the moon in my hand : party photos

One of my wedding clients invited me to her bachelorette party last Saturday and I just couldn’t resist taking out my camera. At Venus Karaoke in the International District you can rent out your own private room with your own private karaoke machine. Secure a banquet permit ahead of time ($10 at any liquor store) and you can bring in your own alcohol and food. I had the best birthday of my life at this place a few years ago (for those of you that don’t know me, I’m a bit of a karaoke lover).

Lately I’ve been setting up a strobe by the DJ/band at wedding receptions and triggering it via wireless receiver to get some great off camera light for dancing photos. I thought these shots would benefit from a similar effect so I strapped a Pocket Wizard to a Sto-fen covered Canon 580exII speedlight and placed it on top of a speaker hanging from a high corner, aimed where the majority of the action would be taking place. The real magic started to happen when one of the girls grabbed a fan from the hallway.

As I was heading up to do old standby, Fame by Irene Cara (below for your solid golden pleasure) I gave my camera to one of the girls and told her to shoot whenever I came between her and the light. She nailed it!

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