I need help getting dressed in the morning.

closet_consultation_seattle This is my attempt at the Vogue model pose.  You know, the one that makes your collarbone more pronounced, cheekbones cavernous and waste slink back into the shadows?  I know, it needs some work.  So did my closet.  Robin and I share that tiny thing I’m standing in front of.  Our house was built in 1941, when people apparently owned five pieces of clothes and wore them over and over.   The closet had become so stuffed recently that I was doing just that, dressing myself with whatever was on the top of the pile.  It was clear I needed professional help.   

That’s where Laura Cassidy, Style Editor of Seattle Metropolitan and Editor of Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom, stepped in.  I emailed the fashion maven for advice and she offered to come sort through it with me herself.  Brave woman!

We developed a plan of attack over one of Robin’s delicious meals (I was blessed with a husband that loves to cook). We pulled, paired and tossed, holding each piece up to the benchmark of whether it was comfortable, sassy, vintage without being thrift or modern without being too trendy. I hauled away four bags of clothes to Goodwill but the best thing I got from this adventure was a renewed confidence getting dressed in the morning.  That might be the best accessory a woman can own.

Laura offers indispensable style advice on her blog, Wear What WhenToday’s post chronicles our entire closet cleaning / consultation process, complete with goofy photos to illustrate.  Thank you, Laura!

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