Laff Loud

Kimya Dawson was hilarious on Saturday, telling stories of how the last time she was scheduled to play the Capitol Hill Block Party it was around her due date and she had an elaborate plan to break her water onstage in the summer heat to cool off the audience. She ended up going into labor before the block party and jokingly cursed her kid for foiling it all. Even I wasn’t immune to being called out. The stage was pretty high, forcing us smaller photogs (hey, hey, Renee!) in the pit to almost have to point our lenses to the sky to get a shot. Kimya told the crowd I was trying to photograph up her skirt and called me a “dirty b*tch”. Ha! Luckily my lens was on her face and NOT her crotch (promise!) and caught her reaction instead. You have to love a lady that has “laff” & “loud” tatood on her fingers.

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