Mary McHenry, Take 2

Remember that Oakland Hills family session I posted last year with one of my favorite Bay Area family photographers, Mary McHenry?  Well, today Mary blogged some of her dearest images that I hadn’t included in my post.  Truth be told they’re some of my favorites too.  I often leave a handful of images out of blog posts in the interest of showing you a tighter edit. Im grateful Mary chose to share the other part of their story. In her words:

Last June,  Jenny Jimenez came and photographed our family.  I’ve been meaning to post these pictures forever…  but I think I also delayed it because I knew they were only going to get sweeter with age.  That is exactly why I love documenting families -the stages you pass through as a mom/dad/child all change so quickly.  In ten years, Jenny could still take a lovely photo of all of us smiling at the camera.  But she won’t be able to take a picture of me consoling Will, who so quickly went to tears at this age.  Or Skylar clinging to me and feeling shy at school.  Or me, waiting by the toilet with just the right amount of toilet paper. (One of my specialties.)

Jenny spent the night here, so she was able to wake up and go to school for drop-off.  Our more “formal” session took place later that afternoon with Drew, a bus, and my favorite dress with the forgiving lines.

You can see the rest of her blog post here.


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