One Light with Zack Arias

One Light Seattle was two days ago (well, actually one day if you count our 2am Tuesday end time) and my head is still buzzing with inverse square law, bright white pops of light, grids and Sunpak 120Js. I was already familiar with a lot of what Zack spoke about but it was great to see him in action and it’s always good to have a refresher. I highly recommended it for anyone looking to take their on location shoots a step further or if you need a nudge taking your flash off camera. Here’s Zack, just before taking our group photo on the Bell St. Pier. Seconds after I took this image Zack moved his hand and the wind blew the stand to the ground, breaking the flash’s plastic housing in half.. Luckily the umbrella cushioned the tube’s fall and he was able to put the housing on gaffer tape life support.

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