Panty Party!

Every year around Valentine’s Day my girlfriends get together and throw a party to make sure everyone gets some love and attention. Each lady submits her lingerie sizes and preferences (e.g., yes boycut, no thongs), which are then assigned a number and given to another lady anonymously to buy for us. We are given the number, sizes and preferences of yet another lady. This culminates in an evening of food, drink, and dress up at Pretty Parlor, where they let you swing from the chandelier in your new panties. I’m super stoked because that evening is… sorry, it’s a secret!

I of course bring my camera to document the fun and no, I won’t tell you where the password protected photos are. I can, however, share these two of Erin and Carly. Erin unknowingly had Carly that year and gave her some Yoshimi designs; items from her clothing line. Carly had been lusting after Yoshimi (it’s sold at the Parlor) but didn’t know Erin personally. It was so much fun to watch these two connect for the first time. They were glued to each other the whole night and posted for a series of photos in their matching outfits.

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