Pillows From My Peoples

Two lovely pouches of goodness came in the mail today from Pillows for the People; Beatrice and Evangeline.

They were handmade by an old friend of mine who recently came back into view. I met Parisa at a youth group in high school and we clicked, being the only other tolerable people there. She introduced me to Morrissey, took me to her favorite thrift stores and invited me over to jump on her trampoline. She even came with me to see Material Issue at Metropolis, my first all ages show. Parisa was (and still is) a f***ing rad lady!

These days she’s in NYC making dreamy lavender pillows (for the people!) out of fabric adorned with various patterns, illustrations and icons like Frida Kahlo and the Moz. Be sure to check out her blog for the latest PftP shenanigans.

Thanks Parisa!

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