Portraits for a Life Coach

Nana Gyesie, PhD. His energy is both calming and invigorating – he can excite and engage you just as quickly as he can make you feel grounded and introspective.

Nana, which means “king” in his native country of Ghana – fitting given the crown-like shape of his hair and large stature, hired me to do a mix of studio headshots and environmental portraits for the website of his new leadership and life coaching business, Inner Mileage. We started in the studio with a Quickie session, then headed outdoors on a beautiful foggy Seattle day for some images that showed him connecting with nature and included negative space to allow for text to be added at a later date. 

life coach nana
Nana Gyesie Life Coach
Nana Gyesie Leadership Coach
Nana Life Coach
Seattle, WA
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