Presidential Wedding Photos

After viewing some of the Huffington Post’s candidate PDA slideshows and coming across this sweet image by Callie Shell of Barack reading newspapers while Michelle snuggles next to him, I was curious to see more photos of presidential candidates and their significant others, specifically on their wedding day. Here’s what Google found for me:

Barack & Michelle, October 3, 1992.  After putting him off for a month, Michelle finally agreed to go on a date.  They had dinner and saw Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. More great photos of their courtship and wedding can be viewed here.  You can’t deny these two are head over heels for each other.

The only wedding image of George & Laura I could find.  November 5, 1977.  There had no attendants and their wedding invitations were printed by hand.  Their first date was at a miniature golf course.  The wedding followed three months later.

Mike & Janet Huckabee were married May 25, 1974 in Janet’s mother’s house.  They were 18 years old. He proposed with a pull tab from a soda can.

Mitt & Ann Romney, March 21, 1969.  They met in elementary school.  She was riding a horse and he threw stones at her (?).

I love this one of Hillary & Bill, October 11, 1975.  She wore a Jessica McClintock dress, bought at Dillard’s.   They married in the brick home Bill bought for them when he proposed.  They met in a civil liberties class at Yale and attended a Mark Rothko exhibit for their first date.

Nancy & Ron, March 4, 1952.  Nancy wore a gray suit.  There were only two guests; William & Ardis Holden.

How cute is this? Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, July 7, 1946.  She was a childhood friend of his younger sister.

Betty & Gerald Ford, October 15, 1948.  He was late to his wedding because he was out campaigning for his first congress bid.  He won the election three weeks later.

Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson on their honeymoon in Mexico.  They were married November 17, 1934.

Jackie & John Kennedy held their reception at Hammersmith Farm in Rhode Island on September 12, 1953, with 900 guests.  That’s a lot of Chiavari chairs!

Frances and Grover Cleveland were married in the Blue Room of the White House, June 2, 1886.  He was the only President to do so.

George & Martha Washington, January 6, 1759.  He proposed three weeks after they met. Martha wore purple silk shoes with silver lace!

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