Cave Singers Album Cover


Invitations Songs is released today!

Feedback about the cover photo. The Stranger’s Jonathan Zwickel:

“The cover of the Cave Singers’ brand-new debut, Invitation Songs, is a haunting visual translation of their music: The three band members in a group embrace half-submerged in a grassy, minty-green meadow, backed by a pine-green sentinel of dark, silent forest. It’s beautiful, ominous, like the band is taking comfort in each other before the arrival of an impending tragedy or sharing a final sentiment before permanently parting. The music within swells with similar mystery, sweetly pastoral but battered, bluesy, and raw. Performed onstage for months, these songs make the transition to record with added resonance. Simply put, Invitation Songs is stunning, a surprising debut and one of the best albums of the year.”

I am still in shock at what Daytrotter wrote. Crazy!

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Manchester State Park Wedding : Bethany & John

John & Beth were married in Manchester State Park in a former torpedo warehouse, built in 1901. They are one of the couples that lost their digital images during the burglary. You may recognize Beth from the King 5 broadcast. I just happened to have my film camera with me that day and shot a roll during the ceremony for variation. We are all so thankful to at least have these. John & Beth have been incredibly understanding and supportive throughout this ordeal. I am lucky to work with such amazing people!

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Mom & Dad, summer of 73′

This was taken around their one year anniversary and exemplifies their personalities well. Happy 35 years, mom & dad!

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Hello and welcome to the new blog. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing with myself.   This summer has been a busy one.

The first weekend of June was spent searching the streets of Seattle for ladies in leggings with Sarah Murphy as my PA . You can view the fruits of our labor in the August issue of SPIN.

Later in the month I drove to Portland with Anna Lange and Erin Skipley to assist Autumn de Wilde on a shoot for the Decemberists. You can see a video sampling of our day here, courtesy of Jeff Feller. I’m the one in purple sending you kisses.

Even if you’re not familiar with Autumn’s name, it is likely you’ve seen her work on the cover of Res or the many albums and videos she has shot for artists like Elliott Smith, Beck, Jenny Lewis, Spoon and Death Cab for Cutie. I fell in awe with her images on Eleni Mendell’s album, Wishbone, in 1999 and met her in 2003 backstage at a Death Cab show when she first started documenting the band. This was the third shoot I’ve worked on with Autumn (the first two being the Long Winters and Jesse Sykes). It’s been a privilege to work with such a sincere and imaginative mind.

June also marked the Vegas wedding of one of my best friends, Megan O’Brien. Thankfully I wasn’t the official photographer because my eyes were flooded throughout the ceremony and reception. I did however take some scandalous photos at the bachelorette party. I’ll have to get her permission before posting those to the site. Megs?

I almost forgot two of my favorite shoots – album art for Night Canopy‘s forthcoming release and promotional portraits of Cristina -tiny tough- Bautista for her EP. You can view a handful of the images on their sites and in the Music section of the site.

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