Get Married at City Hall : First Day of Same Sex Marriages in Washington State

I had the privilege of being one of the volunteer photographers for Get Married at City Hall, the event the mayor’s office, Dan Savage & Jennifer Zeyl put on to celebrate the first day that same-sex couples could legally marry in Washington State.  I was assigned to one of five “chapels” in the lobby of City Hall, decorated by cut paper installation artist Celeste Cooning.  Over 25 couples came through my station throughout the day.  Most had been with each other for over ten, twenty or thirty years, having raised kids together or were just beginning to. One couple had a 4 week old baby boy!   Almost all had taken matters into their own hands long ago with commitment ceremonies and were unable to take their rings off to exchange during vows, they had been on so long. Many had been legally married before (Oregon, California) only to have it taken away from them. Something about this time felt different.  It was a historic, emotional day.  Joyful tears were shed and hugs were shared by all.  I may have cried harder & longer on December 9th than at my own wedding.  Congratulations to the couples and to Washington state for getting it right.  We are so sorry it took this long.

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