Metallica at Key Arena

I shot the Seattle stop of Metallica’s Magnetic Death tour last night and holy crap do they put on an incredible show.  The huge stage was plopped in the center of the stadium and we were given free range to roam its perimeter for 19 minutes.  Yes, their first three songs lasted a full 19 minutes.  That’s like two thirds of a local indie rock show!  We were treated to laserbeams, blinding spotlights and lit coffins that descended from the ceiling, hovering around the band like spaceships.  There were microphones in every corner and three additional on each long side of the rectangular stage.  James would come to one for a verse then stomp over to the other side of the stage.  Each band member would move to a different position every 30 seconds or so, often just as we’d reach their corner to shoot.  They’d cross this way, then that way. Then that way, and this way.  Have you ever seen a metal band cross this way and that?  (forgive me. i couldn’t help myself).  We must have looked ridiculous.  5 lost photographers chasing the band around the stage.  I felt like a slimy backpacking paparazzi.  Regardless, the show was unforgettable.

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